Spring cleaning season is here, and that means closets across the country are going to get organized. In the clean-out, you’re bound to find not only things you don’t wear anymore but also items that don’t fit. When it comes to those old jeans, though, refrain from throwing them out.
After you’ve decided which pieces to donate to charity, it’s a great idea to keep some for yourself to do some amazingly fun and even useful craft projects.
Need some inspiration? Look no further. We’ve got 17 crafts you’re going to love. Let’s get started!
1. Denim organizer
This denim organizer made up of old jeans pockets is a great idea for the kid’s playroom or even the mudroom to help keep your family organized. Plus, it’s too cute and packed with the memories of all your old jeans.

2. Toy whale
If your kids love whales, this is a great project that will be fun for you and them. It’s also a great baby shower gift if you want to give something personal and creative. Give this incredible craft a try with the DIY instructions .

3. The denim pillow
This is a tried-and-true DIY, and one that never really goes out of style. We love how the folks at  have added this amazing belt to theirs. It makes the pillow a bit more special and shows how you can change up the style as the seasons, and styles, change.

4. Denim quilt
If you’re a quilting fan, then check out this wonderfully rustic project from . Using a simple triangle quilt pattern, you can easily adapt the project to the size you want. The fading and rips in your old jeans only add to its charm.
5. The denim bag
These bags make amazing grocery bags, beach bags and even running-around-town bags. Look how cute this one is from ! We love how they’ve used old belts on this craft, too.
6. Lunch bags
These are great for the kids but also for you if you bring a lunch to work. So ditch those brown bags and go for this totally durable, easy-to-clean and super simple-to-make lunch bag from Purl.
7. Place mats
Aren’t these the cutest? Not only are they really easy to make, but they’re easy to clean, too. We love this original and shabby-chic idea by .

8. Denim planters
If you’re looking for some quirky garden decor, these jeans planters certainly fit the bill! and offer instructions for two different variations on the concept.

9. Chair cushions
If you’re thrifty and crafty, you probably have a chair or two lying around that you picked up at a yard sale, saying, “I’m going to paint and finish this one day!” Well, this is the perfect DIY for that. Plus, the durable jeans material means the cushion will last for years to come.

10. Aprons
All those jeans that no longer fit can be easily repurposed into clever little aprons. This DIY by is perfect for craft days with the kids and is sure to stand up to all the wear and tear.
11. A denim basket
This is an awesome craft that you can use for years and years to come. Make a big basket for holding toys or laundry, or create a smaller one for your table to hold fruits and veggies. We just can’t get enough of this DIY by

12. Oven mitts
You can make these out of solely denim or use the denim for one side and another pretty fabric for the other. The thick denim is perfect for carrying hot pots. Plus, these will look too cute hanging in your kitchen. Check out the

13. Denim poof
This is great for the kid’s room, a playroom or a baby’s room. Use it as extra seating, to rest your feet or just for play. It’s too cute and will stay looking great for years and years to come. Check out the

14. A baby bib
This DIY denim bib is one of the cutest we have seen. We love the button on the front. Plus, since there’s nothing quite as durable as jeans, this is the ideal material for what is sure to be messy times ahead. Check out the DIY by

15. A bookmark
We love how the made these bookmarks out of little heart cutouts. But you can do a variety of shapes and sizes. These make great party gifts or additions to book gifts for birthdays and holidays.

16. Little pencil and craft holders
This DIY project by  is super easy, and in the end, it’s very useful, too. Stick nail polish in them, craft tools or the kid’s markers and pencils. Simple and fun!

17. Knotted denim rug
Doesn’t this look like it came out of an expensive upcycle store? Luckily, you can create this for yourself for practically nothing. This makes a great rug for high-traffic areas of the home, and it’s easy to clean, too. We just love this DIY by the blog