Have a pile of old t-shirts that are neglected in your closet? Before you toss them out, there are many ways to upcycle them into new things that you will love.
We have collected 14 awesome DIY ideas to upcycle your old t-shirt. From pillows to rugs to necklaces, there is a project for you. Read on to be inspired, grab an old t-shirt, and get crafty!
1. Make a t-shirt pillow
If you have any old graphic t-shirts, turn them into keepsake pillows. These pillows would be perfect for a kids bedroom. Check out the by Frugal Family Home.

2. Turn it into a skirt
Not feeling that t-shirt anymore? Turn it into a skirt. With this quick and easy  you can transform that old t-shirt into a cute skirt by adding one inch elastic and matching thread.

3. Make a t-shirt wreath
Imagine this lovely wreath hanging on your front door. Add color into your life by recycling your old t-shirts. We promise this only takes 2 hours to make.  is the DIY tutorial.

4. Make t-shirt pom poms
Forget tissue paper pom poms and opt for these durable t-shirt pom poms. These are great to add to your craft projects or even create stunning door decor.

5. Turn it into a dog toy
Make your pooch happy with a dog toy made from your old t-shirts. Watch him/her tug at their new eco-friendly toy. is the quick and easy tutorial.

6. Make a rainbow rug
This project is for the experienced sewer. Although not an easy first time DIY project, with determination and patience, you can create this lovely rainbow rug out of t-shirt strips. This rug would look fantastic in any room of your home to create a pop of color.

7. Turn it into a necklace
Complete your outfit with this necklace made from your old t-shirt. Grab some beads and glue and follow  tutorial. Customize your necklace by getting different colored t-shirts and beads. Go crazy!

8. Create a tote bag
Need a tote bag to carry groceries? or even a tote bag to head down to the beach? We love this eco-friendly idea.  is the quick and simple no-sew DIY project to get you started.

9. Make a braided belt
This unique belt will look fantastic paired with your favourite denim jeans. The project is super simple and all you are doing is braiding t-shirt strips. It is the tutorial by Delia Creates.

10. Make a headband
We absolutely love these colours on this headband! Recycle your old t-shirt and create this lovely head piece. This will make a great gift for any girl.

11. Make t-shirt coasters
Protect your table tops with these t-shirt coasters. Easily customizable to your home color palette and so simple to whip up.

12. Make braided bracelets
How cute do these braided bracelets look? This is a great project to do with your kids. Create these braided arm candy by following  simple and easy tutorial.

13. Make dish cloths
Create these eco-friendly dish cloths using your old t-shirts. All you need is t-shirt yarn and knitting needles or a crochet hook.


14. Create baby pants
Have a little tot at home? Upcycle your old t-shirts to create this super easy to make pants. Check out the tutorial  by Me Sew Crazy.